Mike Thibodeaux
A proud Southern California boy since his birth in 1954, Mike Thibodeaux spent his early childhood in the Hollywood and Glendale areas of LA before finally settling in the San Fernando Valley. He lived the life: girls, cars, sports, surfing with his pal Rick French......and comics. Originally somewhat disdainful of comic books, he remembers quite well the day he saw AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 4 on top of a box of comics in an alley dumpster- life was a little different from that point on. When he read FANTASTIC FOUR # 54 at a barber shop, it was all over.

A comics/ illustration professional since his teens and a publsher since the 1980s, he was among Jack Kirby's main inkers in his later years, also serving as art agent and project representative for the Kirby family. His relationship with them continues to this day. A dedicated art collector since he bought a 5 page Atlas Monster story by Steve Ditko 40 years ago, he's seen it all. When it comes to comic art, he knows what it looks like and how to capture that look in print.
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