About Us
The ORIGINAL ART ARCHIVES imprint was created by longtime collectors and professionals Mike Thibodeaux, Richard French and Peter Koch with valuable input from editor Steve Robertson and projects coordinator Andrew Steven Damsits.

As professionals and, as importantly, fans ourselves, we have one major goal in mind: to publish books of comic art that we ourselves have for years dreamed of seeing in print. Having owned or seen first hand over the decades literally tens of thousands of pages of classic comic art by such greats as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Neal Adams, Barry Windsor-Smith and Frank Frazetta
(to name just a few ), we realize that in today's world many examples of great comic art are nearly impossible to find, and prohibitively expensive on the rare occasions that they do turn up.

In the coming months we hope to share with art fans everywhere some of the most remarkable works that have crossed our paths over the years, at full size and in a manner that captures the true ...............nature of the artist's work as drawn.

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