Peter Koch
Born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1955, Peter Koch's young life wasn't quite the Southern California experience of his publishing partners- he has never set foot on a surfboard- but he did try to have some fun here and there. Believing that most comics of the day were an insult to his 7 and 8 year old intelligence, that all changed when, on a day that it was raining too hard to get to the movie theater for the matinee, he took his quarter and bought X-MEN 4 and AVENGERS 4, both with art by Jack Kirby.

Within days he concluded that he had to have everything Kirby had ever drawn. It's been downhill ever since. His first original art acquisitions were 3 pages of THUNDER AGENTS art by Wally Wood. More recently he got almost the same thrill when, after 40 years of searching, he turned up some originals by Big Daddy Roth. He's seen a lot of art, he knows what it looks like and he knows how to make it look right in print.
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