An actual rocket scientist at ROCKETDYNE with a few patents under his belt, Co- publisher Richard French spent or mis-spent his youth much as his buddy Mike did- girls, sports, surfing, cars- but Rick took the car thing a little bit further, racing quarter midgets at the local racetracks and being exposed to the hot-rod culture of the day, including the works of the man himself: Ed " Big Daddy " Roth.
Later on Mike got him into comic books, Wrightson and Frazetta being particular favorites. One day years later, RIck sold his souped up DODGE CHARGER for a good piece of change. Much to the annoyance of Rick's then- wife, and at Mike's recommendation, Rick spent the proceeds on a nice, large Kirby pencil piece of the Hulk. " A car for some scrap of paper? ". The wife has gone, the piece remains. A publisher since the 80s, Rick knows what comic art looks like and how to print it.

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