Robert E. Howard
Robert Ervin Howard (1906–1936) was born in Peaster, Texas, and lived the majority of his life in the central Texas town of Cross Plains.

He began his writing career with the publication of “Spear and Fang” in a 1925 issue of Weird Tales magazine. He quickly became one of their most popular contributors, with the creation of such characters as Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, and King Kull. It was with the King Kull story “The Shadow Kingdom” in 1929 that Howard is widely credited with originating the literary form known as heroic fantasy. A prolific writer of many genres, including horror, western, and sports, Howard placed stories in numerous publications of the times. His 1932 story “The Phoenix on the Sword” introduced his most famous character, Conan the Barbarian, and the next few years saw steady improvement in Howard’s fortunes as an author.

On June 11, 1936, upon hearing that his mother had fallen into a coma from which she would not emerge, Robert E. Howard took his own life. Much of his work and even his life story have been the ....................subject of a multitude of adaptations in various media, including ...........................comics, CDs, books, television, and movies.

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